“Let’s Choose Love” Chose Us!

Dear Pearl,

We have been “chosen”! I was nearly in disbelief, thinking I was being pranked, but not at all! It’s true – at last we have received our first grant award to benefit our nonprofit! Let’s Choose Love put out a call for mini-grant applications, and with the Murrieta Train Project and our vision for a Victorian tea party in mind, we applied for and RECEIVED $1,000 to host our nonprofit’s first fundraising event -> A Victorian Steampunk inspired tea party to support our effort to bring a train to downtown Murrieta to open to the public as our cultural arts center! (whew, that was a lot, I know!)

And so it is with great pride and excitement that we officially announce this amazing project! Auntie, I know you know how important this mission is to me, and you’ve been following along since the moment it went from idea to reality, and you of all people know what I REALLY mean when I write “Murrieta Train Project”. You know it’s a wild ride figuring out how to raise money to relocate an actual historic train car to our downtown Murrieta, and to work with the city for the benefit of our community in seeking the perfect location at our future “Pioneer Park” and former location of the old Murrieta Depot where the train ran through.

So, how does this fit in with “Let’s Choose Love” and their mission? They want to help bring our community together for a day of inclusive and educational fun at the heart of our historic downtown, to help US achieve the unfulfilled dream for downtown Murrieta’s Pioneer Park, and to help our community have a place to come together to share stories and create things (our own NEW history in the making)! The mentors at Let’s Choose Love know that sometimes all it takes is ONE PERSON to believe in you and that can make the WORLD of difference in allowing us to be our best selves and to serve the world around us when we see an unmet need, and a need that we want to fulfill!

So, Pearl, it’s with much excitement and honor and responsibility that I ask our new and loyal patrons to join us in August and celebrate our shared love for Murrieta and the dream of making it even LOVE-lier with a train and a park! (And our cultural arts enter at the heart of it all). In your honor, and in honor of all the ancestors who paved the way ahead of us, we are doing our best to don the Victorian apparel with a Steampunk twist, and party for a purpose. Because of the grant from Let’s Choose Love, we are able to make this happen. And Pearl, thank YOU. Thank you for inspiring not just me, but a whole bunch of us, to make a difference in the lives of those we love.

Your loving niece,


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