About Murrieta’s Railroad

Murrieta Historical Timeline

*from the Murrieta Museum and Murrieta Valley Historical Society

Juan Murrieta Marries Adele Golsh

The Southern California Railroad was chartered

April 26, 1882
Juan Murrieta granted the Railroad a right away across the Temecula Rancho

September 13, 1883
The first passenger train from San Diego to San Bernardino

Juan Murrieta sells 14,500 acres of Rancho Temecula to Temecula Land and Water Company.

President M.L. Wilks constructs the Fountain House located on Clay St.

Murrieta Post Office is established

October 28, 1885
Murrieta Grammar School Opens

February 1891
Railroad washes out in Santa Margarita Canyon


May 9, 1893
Riverside County is formed 

Henry Sykes purchases the Fountain House

January 27, 1898
Murrieta Post Office moved to the train depot

December 25, 1899
A 6.5 earthquake struck in San Jacinto

April 11, 1900
Emma Hale Skyes was born.  She was later know as E. Hale Curran

Fredrick “Fritz” Guenther purchases the Murrieta Hot Springs

The Inland Highway is paved from Elsinore to Temecula

Earnest Lakeman opens the Lakeman Lunch Room


April 21, 1918
6.8 San Jacinto Earthquake

November 1918
Murrieta Valley Grain Elevator is built

The Murrieta Grammar School is taken down

The second Murrieta Grammar School is opened

Mrs. Sleeper dies and E. Hale Curran inherits the Fountain House

The Holiness Church burns to the ground

E. Hale Curran

Postmaster Oliver W. Miller corrects the spelling of Murrieta from “Murrietta”

June 1924
Murrieta Town Hall burns to the ground

December 1924
Henry Eilers purchases the Lakeman Lunch Room and renames it
Henry’s Place

March 18, 1935
The last train leaves Murrieta Train Depot

How do we keep this history alive? Support our efforts to help our downtown see this plot revitalized as a Pioneer Park for our community!

And visit our partners at the Murrieta Valley Historical Society for more ways to hep support local history.

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