Paperwork and Programs

Dear Pearl,
I must admit the “paperwork” part of setting up a nonprofit is less fun than the creative stuff I am eager to jump into. But first things first. I try to look to your example for patience, and my fondness for learning. I know it is bringing me closer to my goal of establishing an actual place to do all the fun things. When I need a break, I take a short break. When I need help, I seek it out. I am driven to do this, and sometimes it’s overwhelming, but in a good way. And I am so thankful for the community around me who has showered me with support and encouraged me to move forward with this dream.
So, first things first. My paperwork has been filed. My calendar is filling with upcoming events. And I’m seeking the courage to really step outside my comfort zone and begin to truly fundraise for the cause of opening an actual space. You may, or may not, know that I would love to purchase a train caboose to serve as our creative arts center. Being creative, I am also seeking shipping containers that could be made to look like a train caboose. Simultaneously, I am seeking a space to park my caboose, so to speak.
I know what it’s going to take to bring this ghost of a vision to life, and I am committed to our community. I know what’s coming next, and I know you will support me in my awkward, humble, and sincere efforts to raise money for our nonprofit, and use those funds to create a one-of-a-kind space where history and art come to life.
Your niece,

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