Postcard Mural

Dear Pearl,
I hope you are proud! After months of planning and painting I get to reveal this giant postcard dedicated to Murrieta. I wanted folks near and far to know they have arrived at the Murrieta Museum in Historic Downtown Murrieta. I can’t even begin to describe the honor it is to create a tribute to this community and the organization that shares the heart of our mission – the Murrieta Museum, run by the Murrieta Valley Historical Society. Pearl, you would love these wonderful people. And they love you. Well, they love the stories I share with them about you. These fine volunteers work to preserve not only relics, but the stories of our community and the generations who came before us.
I hope this mural helps encourage people to stop by the museum to learn about Murrieta. It’s right next door the the community center and across the street from Fire Station #1 on Juniper. Oh Pearl, why am I telling you this? Of course you probably already know, because I can feel you smiling down at me and shaking your head, but in the kindly sort of way.
Do stop by. It’s a beautiful day.
Your niece,

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